The Twins Necklace (4350095327345)The Twins Necklace (4350095327345)

The Twins Necklace

Audrey Necklace (4384408666225)Audrey Necklace (4384408666225)

Audrey Necklace

Iris Necklace (6594974810225)Iris Necklace (6594974810225)

Iris Necklace

Tag Yourself NecklaceTag Yourself Necklace
Limited Edition

Tag Yourself Necklace

The Tiny Bouquet Necklace (4554834280561)The Tiny Bouquet Necklace (4554834280561)
Coming Soon

The Tiny Bouquet Necklace

Python Necklace (4615565344881)Python Necklace (4615565344881)

Python Necklace

Lili Necklace (4669882630257)Lili Necklace (4669882630257)

Lili Necklace

Golden ID Necklace (6581262614641)Golden ID Necklace (6581262614641)

Golden ID Necklace

Tiny Amour Necklace (4564826456177)Tiny Amour Necklace (4564826456177)

Tiny Amour Necklace

Elaine Necklace (6560964116593)Elaine Necklace (6560964116593)

Elaine Necklace

Madame Necklace (4669883449457)Madame Necklace (4669883449457)
Coming Soon

Madame Necklace

King Necklace (4615549091953)King Necklace (4615549091953)

King Necklace

Boss Babe Necklace (4122226229361)Boss Babe Necklace (4122226229361)

Boss Babe Necklace

Romance Necklace (4642443886705)Romance Necklace (4642443886705)

Romance Necklace

Bermuda Necklace with Pendant (4292243390577)Bermuda Necklace with Pendant (4292243390577)

Bermuda Necklace with Pendant

Pansy Necklace (4554834804849)Pansy Necklace (4554834804849)

Pansy Necklace

BFF Necklace (4554835525745)BFF Necklace (4554835525745)

BFF Necklace

Catherine Necklace (4669886595185)Catherine Necklace (4669886595185)

Catherine Necklace

Brandy Necklace (6537133817969)Brandy Necklace (6537133817969)

Brandy Necklace

Crab Necklace (4615547224177)Crab Necklace (4615547224177)

Crab Necklace

The Rainbow Necklace (4547194814577)The Rainbow Necklace (4547194814577)

The Rainbow Necklace

Easy Breezy Necklace (6579904315505)Easy Breezy Necklace (6579904315505)

Easy Breezy Necklace

Lover Key NecklaceLover Key Necklace

Lover Key Necklace

Tail NecklaceTail Necklace

Tail Necklace

Flora Necklace (6584300011633)Flora Necklace (6584300011633)

Flora Necklace

The Earth Necklace (4547245965425)The Earth Necklace (4547245965425)

The Earth Necklace

The Marine Necklace (4547250192497)The Marine Necklace (4547250192497)

The Marine Necklace


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